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Since yesterday evening the openSUSE KDE4:Unstable repositories contains the KDE SC 4.5 rc1 packages. Also the special repository that contains KDEPIM 4.5 snapshots, was updated to a version that seems to work pretty well.

I am not using IMAP, so I can’t comment on it’s status. But the POP accounts are working very well and also filtering is active. At least it allowed me to move away again from Thunderbird to this Kmail v2 solution. A very good job done by the KDEPIM developers!!


It is a great week for all the people that are enjoying the wonders of Chromium. Especially now with the newer version of ffmpeg (0.6), which is available on packman, chromium is finally able to play the new webM format.

No additional configuration is required. Just update/install the ffmpeg package from packman together with the chromium package from Contrib and you can watch webM video’s.

Another week, another snapshot 🙂

As of this morning the KDE4:Unstable repository for openSUSE contains a newer snapshot (4.4.86). As that openSUSE:Factory now contains Qt4 4.6.3, all targets for KDE4:Unstable are build with the same Qt4 version, which brings a lot of stability and bugfixes.

A few people already indicated that they find the latest version becoming more responsive and that things seems much faster than previous versions.

I would say grab the new version and try it yourself.


As of today the openSUSE KDE4:Unstable repositories are now offering the new KDE SC 4.5 Beta 2 packages for 11.1, 11.2 and Factory. So come and get them !! The new beta also has an update on the polkit-kde-1 package which resolves the segmentation fault when logging off.

Besides the KDE SC 4.5 Beta 2, the repositories are also offering the updates to konversation 1.3, digikam 1.3.0 and kipi-plugins 1.3.0.

New in the repositories is the verktyg package for kdevelop (See also this blog about verktyg). Based on the verktyg package, the kdevelop and kdevplatform packages have been updated to the latest git versions. New is also the kdevcpptools package which is a supporting package for verktyg. At the moment verktyg is not tested yet !!

Just a quick blog to update all of you of the changes to the openSUSE KDE4:Unstable repository. As you (hopefully) all know is that KDE SC 4.5 Beta 2 got tagged yesterday. At the moment we are testing the build of the Beta 2 packages to see if everything is in the right shape for the release hopefully later this week.

This also gave us a chance to clean the repository itself and the build targets in preparation of the upcoming 11.3 release. We are now building KDE4:Unstable for the openSUSE distributions 11.2, 11.3 (upcoming) and Factory. In anticipation of KDE SC 4.6 based on Qt 4.7 we have also a buildtarget Factory+Qt47. This Qt 4.7 based buildtarget is however not published and is only there to validate build errors that might be caused by Qt 4.7. This way we hope to be able to switch faster to Qt 4.7 when this becomes a requirement for KDE.

Hopefully later this week I can announce that you can update to Beta 2 from the KDE4:Unstable repository.

As of this evening the latest phonon-backend, which is based on the VLC Multimedia libraries, is available in the openSUSE KDE Playground repository. This repository also contains a stripped down version of the VLC 1.1.0 Release Candidate which is required to use the phonon-backend-vlc. The phonon-backend-vlc is the rising star among the phonon-backends and has already a lot of supporters and the multimedia application Amarok is working fine with it.

However keep in mind that there is no official release yet of this vlc phonon backend and it is currently based on the latest available svn version.

The VLC package is stripped from all the Restricted formats (mp3, h264, etc) in order to have it build on the openSUSE BuildServices. This version should be able to play ogg, vorbis and flac encoded files. However a full enabled version of VLC can be retrieved from the packman repository or from the SUSE specific videolan repository. Please be aware that currently only the VLC 1.1.0 is supported.

Both packages are build for the 11.2 Factory (KDE 4.4.3), 11.2 Unstable (KDE 4.5), openSUSE Factory and openSUSE Factory Unstable repositories. The KDE:Playground repo can be found at :

Please be aware that Playground contains svn snapshots, alpha’s and beta’s of diverse programs and should be used with care !!