As of this evening the latest phonon-backend, which is based on the VLC Multimedia libraries, is available in the openSUSE KDE Playground repository. This repository also contains a stripped down version of the VLC 1.1.0 Release Candidate which is required to use the phonon-backend-vlc. The phonon-backend-vlc is the rising star among the phonon-backends and has already a lot of supporters and the multimedia application Amarok is working fine with it.

However keep in mind that there is no official release yet of this vlc phonon backend and it is currently based on the latest available svn version.

The VLC package is stripped from all the Restricted formats (mp3, h264, etc) in order to have it build on the openSUSE BuildServices. This version should be able to play ogg, vorbis and flac encoded files. However a full enabled version of VLC can be retrieved from the packman repository or from the SUSE specific videolan repository. Please be aware that currently only the VLC 1.1.0 is supported.

Both packages are build for the 11.2 Factory (KDE 4.4.3), 11.2 Unstable (KDE 4.5), openSUSE Factory and openSUSE Factory Unstable repositories. The KDE:Playground repo can be found at :

Please be aware that Playground contains svn snapshots, alpha’s and beta’s of diverse programs and should be used with care !!