Just a quick blog to update all of you of the changes to the openSUSE KDE4:Unstable repository. As you (hopefully) all know is that KDE SC 4.5 Beta 2 got tagged yesterday. At the moment we are testing the build of the Beta 2 packages to see if everything is in the right shape for the release hopefully later this week.

This also gave us a chance to clean the repository itself and the build targets in preparation of the upcoming 11.3 release. We are now building KDE4:Unstable for the openSUSE distributions 11.2, 11.3 (upcoming) and Factory. In anticipation of KDE SC 4.6 based on Qt 4.7 we have also a buildtarget Factory+Qt47. This Qt 4.7 based buildtarget is however not published and is only there to validate build errors that might be caused by Qt 4.7. This way we hope to be able to switch faster to Qt 4.7 when this becomes a requirement for KDE.

Hopefully later this week I can announce that you can update to Beta 2 from the KDE4:Unstable repository.