As of today the openSUSE KDE4:Unstable repositories are now offering the new KDE SC 4.5 Beta 2 packages for 11.1, 11.2 and Factory. So come and get them !! The new beta also has an update on the polkit-kde-1 package which resolves the segmentation fault when logging off.

Besides the KDE SC 4.5 Beta 2, the repositories are also offering the updates to konversation 1.3, digikam 1.3.0 and kipi-plugins 1.3.0.

New in the repositories is the verktyg package for kdevelop (See also this blog about verktyg). Based on the verktyg package, the kdevelop and kdevplatform packages have been updated to the latest git versions. New is also the kdevcpptools package which is a supporting package for verktyg. At the moment verktyg is not tested yet !!