I guess that maybe some people were wondering how come that it was so silence around the Unstable repository for openSUSE. There are two reasons for it. First one is that I have been on holidays and I promised my family that I would stay away from a computer as much as possible. Secondly in August the KDE repositories were changes and optimized. This meant not only a new name and/or location, but also we had a good look at what was provided by each repo.

For the KDE4:Unstable repo it was agreed that the new repo name would be KDE:Unstable:SC and that it should only provide the standard KDE:SC packages with the build-required libraries. This means that application like Amarok, choqok, konversation, etc are no longer provided through this KDE:Unstable:SC repository. SVN snapshot versions of these applications can be found in the new playground (KDE:Unstable:Playground) repo or released version can be retrieved directly from either the openSUSE:Factory repository or in case of an older distribution from the KDE:UpdatedApps repository.

After the release of openSUSE 11.3, KDE:Unstable:SC was moved to the newer snapshots of the upcoming KDE 4.6 release. Unfortunately with the new 4.6svn tarballs, the python kdebindings is no longer building and therefore the kdegames package is no longer building the kajongg game. So far this has been the only victim 🙂 As that KDE:Unstable:SC is only offering a weekly snapshot and that some people would like to keep more up-to-date with the changes of the KDEPIM module, I decided to create a new repository that would hold daily updates of just the three KDEPIM related packages.

Hopefully i will blog more frequently in the future 🙂

For those interested in the right places of all the new repositories :

KDE:Unstable:SC http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/KDE:/Unstable:/SC/<openSUSE_Version&gt;

KDE:Unstable:Playground http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/KDE:/Unstable:/Playground/<openSUSE-KDE version>

KDE:UpdatedApps http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/KDE:/UpdatedApps/<openSUSE_version&gt;

Stay tuned !!