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Are you using the openSUSE KDE 4.6 Beta 2 packages and you would like to try a newer version ? Then for the time being you could switch over to the KDE:Unstable:SC repository. 

About 2 weeks ago, I copied the official KDE 4.6 Beta 2 packages over from the KDE:Distro:Factory repository to the KDE:Unstable:SC repository. This has two effects, namely:
1)   People using 4.6 Beta 2, can easily update to a slightly newer version to see if bugs have been resolved, without loosing important patches that are openSUSE specific. 
2)   It gives us, the openSUSE KDE team the change to easier and faster adopt to a newer release (e.g. RC1, RC2, etc), as that all patches are matches on a weekly basis to the newer source code. 
If you decide to switch repository, then make sure that you keep an eye on this blog, as that on a certain moment the KDE:Unstable:SC will switch to very unstable snapshots of the future KDE 4.7. I will however blog here to let you know that you should switch back again repostories, before I will publish the first KDE 4.7 snapshot. 
Feel free to contact me over email or on IRC (tittiatcoke) if you have any questions about this. 
So far KDE 4.6 has been a very stable release and also KDEPIM 4.6 is looking better. Let’s hope that the last glitches are also resolved, before KDE 4.6 is released. 

As most of you already found out, Chromium is not that easy when it comes with MultiMedia. Due to the heavy patches from Google to ffmpeg, it does not work just to build chromium against the standard ffmpeg libraries. For distributions like openSUSE, Fedora, etc this brings issues as that ffmpeg code is still legally a no-no. 

There were some attempts in the past to solve this issue, but they failed. At the moment I have created a new package chromium-ffmpeg which delivers the missing library. The package is available from packman and it builds the patched ffmpeg code. 
It still doesn’t really work 100%, but it should resolve some multimedia issues that people have been experiencing with the openSUSE Chromium package. 
In the meantime Chromium has already reached version 10.x.x.x, so check out the changes.