A little warning to those that have switched over to the KDE:Unstable:SC repo. The target is that either tonight or tomorrow a new Trunk snapshot will be loaded in this repo. That would mean that the Unstable becomes unstable again 🙂 

I have already been building a number of snapshots based on the opened KDE 4.7 trunk and have to admit that things are still looking very stable and even kdebindings is compiling well 🙂 
But this might of course change from the moment that KDE 4.6 has been released and the focus shifts to the newer 4.7 release. 
I will keep you posted on the developments around this repository, but this would be the moment to switch over to KDE:Distro:Factory if you want to get the RC1, RC2 and KDE 4.6 final version for your openSUSE system.  Currently it contains RC1, but this would change in the next few days once RC2 is released.