After maintaining the Chromium browser in the openSUSE Contrib repositories, the last few weeks things got accelerated and as of this moment the Chromium browser has become officially part of openSUSE:Factory (the future 12.1). 

The first step wa taken about 3 – 4 weeks ago when a separate development project was created (network:chromium). From there onwards it was just a matter of getting the package in the right shape for Factory and making sure that all legal and security conditions were met. Those who are tracking the updates of Chromium in this devel repo, might have noticed that a number of rebuilds were triggered for the 16.0.880 version of Chromium. This all had to do to get a single spec-file that would satisfy both Factory requirements but also would be able to build for the older distributions. At this moment this special repository offers builds for 11.3, 11.4, Factory and also for Tumbleweed. 
I am quite proud on this fact and I hope that the openSUSE Chromium users will be happy with this fact. 
At the moment I am preparing an update to the 16.0.891 version and hopefully sometime beginning of next week the new snapshot will become available.