IopenSUSE 12.2 got released some days ago and it seems that the plymouth integration is received very well. Even the openSUSE theme got good comments and is seen as sophisticated. This to my big surprise. 🙂  But i am very happy about it as that it proofs that we all did a good job. Unfortunately it seems that plymouth in combinztion with NVIDIA chipset can sometimes cause some unpleasant surprises. But lets hope we cn sort this out with the next release.

As that the pressure ix off again, i started to work on updates of KDE:Unstable:SC again. Yesterday kdegames was moved from svn to git and split out in seperate repositories. So a lot of new packages have to be created. Hopefully i can finish this soon, so that i can create a new snapshot this coming weekend.

Also Chromium saw a big chance recently. A couple of builds ago we noticed that chromium started to behave rathar crashy. Investigations showed that the our attempt to build with as much system libraries as possible failed. The chromium developers seemed to hsve r3ached the point where the system libraries are no longer compatible with the ones shipped with the chromium source. So as of two build, Chromium is now switched to utilize its full sourcecode. This resolved the issues and also the wotk required in keeping the opensuse patches up to date.