Maybe some people already expected this to happen, but for me it is still a surprise that I actually did it. I put myself up as a candidate for the openSUSE Board. 

I started working with Linux since the early days (Kernel v0.12) and have been using openSUSE since 2003.  I joined the openSUSE project about 4 years ago when I submitted my first KDE package. From that moment things went very fast and I am currently the main maintainer for the KDE repositories and maintaining Chromium and the Plymouth bootsplash. One of the next things I want to tackle (package wise) is Dracut 
as an alternative initrd builder. 
My current “day job” is Application Portfolio Manager for a well-known bottling company that focus on the Central and Eastern Europe market. If you look closely at my IRC nick, then you could guess which company it is  In this job I am responsible for setting out the strategy of all Applications used within the company. This ranges from our main Enterprise System (SAP) to desktop tools like collaboration, email, etc. The strategy should e.g. enable Business opportunities to exploit the main Enterprise system further.
If I am elected to the board, then my day job and past IT experience would be a good use. I would like to see the board to set out a new strategy for the openSUSE distribution which makes it possible to enhance our strengths and values. In the past SuSE has established a name for itself and it created some 
great tools, which even now are unmatched. 
Nowadays everything is about Usability and Accessibility. How usable is the software, how accessible is the information, how can I use this program, etc. I would like to extend this principles to the openSUSE project,  
On one hand we need to strengthen the relationship and the communication between the openSUSE community, including people working for SUSE. Only together we can accomplish great things. 
On the other hand we should value our end-users. These users are giving valuable feedback about how they see openSUSE with regards to Usability and Accessibility and their feedback should be incorporate into the final product. This drives the success of a distribution. Too many things out there are already being decided by a handful of people without listening to others. 
It is my opinion that the board should play a big role in both areas and to enable openSUSE to grow. 
My promise to you is that I will do my best to establish the above, If I would be elected.