The last week it was a little hectic around the Chromium webbrowser. Initially I announced that the Chromium webbrowser would move from the openSUSE OBS to Packman due to dependencies on ffmpeg. Shortly after my announcement I was contacted by Ludwig Nussel from SUSE with the question what exactly the issue was and if it was not possible to find another solution in order to keep it part of the openSUSE Distribution. 

After my indications Ludwig talked to some SUSE colleagues and the indication was that Chromium had indeed a chance to come back to the Distribution if we just build the opensource ffmpeg codecs. These are the ones that are activated with a standard Chromium browser.  In the past we had this particular library build on Packman, with both the Chromium and Chrome supported codecs. 
The new version of Chromium passed legal review and I am glad to see that Chromium is building and publishing in his old repositories (network:chromium). Due to the changes a new sub packages (chromium-ffmpegsumo) was added that contains the required multimedia library. However to support also the full range of codecs, we still have the chromium-ffmpeg package building on Packman. When you install the chromium-ffmpeg package, the chromium-ffmpegsumo will be deinstalled. 
I know that people might have switched repositories based on my first announcement and that they have to switch back again. But at least this would guarantee updates through the standard maintenance track of the openSUSE Distribution.