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After maintaining the Chromium browser in the openSUSE Contrib repositories, the last few weeks things got accelerated and as of this moment the Chromium browser has become officially part of openSUSE:Factory (the future 12.1). 

The first step wa taken about 3 – 4 weeks ago when a separate development project was created (network:chromium). From there onwards it was just a matter of getting the package in the right shape for Factory and making sure that all legal and security conditions were met. Those who are tracking the updates of Chromium in this devel repo, might have noticed that a number of rebuilds were triggered for the 16.0.880 version of Chromium. This all had to do to get a single spec-file that would satisfy both Factory requirements but also would be able to build for the older distributions. At this moment this special repository offers builds for 11.3, 11.4, Factory and also for Tumbleweed. 
I am quite proud on this fact and I hope that the openSUSE Chromium users will be happy with this fact. 
At the moment I am preparing an update to the 16.0.891 version and hopefully sometime beginning of next week the new snapshot will become available.

A little warning to those that have switched over to the KDE:Unstable:SC repo. The target is that either tonight or tomorrow a new Trunk snapshot will be loaded in this repo. That would mean that the Unstable becomes unstable again 🙂 

I have already been building a number of snapshots based on the opened KDE 4.7 trunk and have to admit that things are still looking very stable and even kdebindings is compiling well 🙂 
But this might of course change from the moment that KDE 4.6 has been released and the focus shifts to the newer 4.7 release. 
I will keep you posted on the developments around this repository, but this would be the moment to switch over to KDE:Distro:Factory if you want to get the RC1, RC2 and KDE 4.6 final version for your openSUSE system.  Currently it contains RC1, but this would change in the next few days once RC2 is released. 

Are you using the openSUSE KDE 4.6 Beta 2 packages and you would like to try a newer version ? Then for the time being you could switch over to the KDE:Unstable:SC repository. 

About 2 weeks ago, I copied the official KDE 4.6 Beta 2 packages over from the KDE:Distro:Factory repository to the KDE:Unstable:SC repository. This has two effects, namely:
1)   People using 4.6 Beta 2, can easily update to a slightly newer version to see if bugs have been resolved, without loosing important patches that are openSUSE specific. 
2)   It gives us, the openSUSE KDE team the change to easier and faster adopt to a newer release (e.g. RC1, RC2, etc), as that all patches are matches on a weekly basis to the newer source code. 
If you decide to switch repository, then make sure that you keep an eye on this blog, as that on a certain moment the KDE:Unstable:SC will switch to very unstable snapshots of the future KDE 4.7. I will however blog here to let you know that you should switch back again repostories, before I will publish the first KDE 4.7 snapshot. 
Feel free to contact me over email or on IRC (tittiatcoke) if you have any questions about this. 
So far KDE 4.6 has been a very stable release and also KDEPIM 4.6 is looking better. Let’s hope that the last glitches are also resolved, before KDE 4.6 is released. 

As most of you already found out, Chromium is not that easy when it comes with MultiMedia. Due to the heavy patches from Google to ffmpeg, it does not work just to build chromium against the standard ffmpeg libraries. For distributions like openSUSE, Fedora, etc this brings issues as that ffmpeg code is still legally a no-no. 

There were some attempts in the past to solve this issue, but they failed. At the moment I have created a new package chromium-ffmpeg which delivers the missing library. The package is available from packman and it builds the patched ffmpeg code. 
It still doesn’t really work 100%, but it should resolve some multimedia issues that people have been experiencing with the openSUSE Chromium package. 
In the meantime Chromium has already reached version 10.x.x.x, so check out the changes. 

I guess that maybe some people were wondering how come that it was so silence around the Unstable repository for openSUSE. There are two reasons for it. First one is that I have been on holidays and I promised my family that I would stay away from a computer as much as possible. Secondly in August the KDE repositories were changes and optimized. This meant not only a new name and/or location, but also we had a good look at what was provided by each repo.

For the KDE4:Unstable repo it was agreed that the new repo name would be KDE:Unstable:SC and that it should only provide the standard KDE:SC packages with the build-required libraries. This means that application like Amarok, choqok, konversation, etc are no longer provided through this KDE:Unstable:SC repository. SVN snapshot versions of these applications can be found in the new playground (KDE:Unstable:Playground) repo or released version can be retrieved directly from either the openSUSE:Factory repository or in case of an older distribution from the KDE:UpdatedApps repository.

After the release of openSUSE 11.3, KDE:Unstable:SC was moved to the newer snapshots of the upcoming KDE 4.6 release. Unfortunately with the new 4.6svn tarballs, the python kdebindings is no longer building and therefore the kdegames package is no longer building the kajongg game. So far this has been the only victim 🙂 As that KDE:Unstable:SC is only offering a weekly snapshot and that some people would like to keep more up-to-date with the changes of the KDEPIM module, I decided to create a new repository that would hold daily updates of just the three KDEPIM related packages.

Hopefully i will blog more frequently in the future 🙂

For those interested in the right places of all the new repositories :


KDE:Unstable:Playground<openSUSE-KDE version>


Stay tuned !!

Since yesterday evening the openSUSE KDE4:Unstable repositories contains the KDE SC 4.5 rc1 packages. Also the special repository that contains KDEPIM 4.5 snapshots, was updated to a version that seems to work pretty well.

I am not using IMAP, so I can’t comment on it’s status. But the POP accounts are working very well and also filtering is active. At least it allowed me to move away again from Thunderbird to this Kmail v2 solution. A very good job done by the KDEPIM developers!!

It is a great week for all the people that are enjoying the wonders of Chromium. Especially now with the newer version of ffmpeg (0.6), which is available on packman, chromium is finally able to play the new webM format.

No additional configuration is required. Just update/install the ffmpeg package from packman together with the chromium package from Contrib and you can watch webM video’s.

Another week, another snapshot 🙂

As of this morning the KDE4:Unstable repository for openSUSE contains a newer snapshot (4.4.86). As that openSUSE:Factory now contains Qt4 4.6.3, all targets for KDE4:Unstable are build with the same Qt4 version, which brings a lot of stability and bugfixes.

A few people already indicated that they find the latest version becoming more responsive and that things seems much faster than previous versions.

I would say grab the new version and try it yourself.


As of today the openSUSE KDE4:Unstable repositories are now offering the new KDE SC 4.5 Beta 2 packages for 11.1, 11.2 and Factory. So come and get them !! The new beta also has an update on the polkit-kde-1 package which resolves the segmentation fault when logging off.

Besides the KDE SC 4.5 Beta 2, the repositories are also offering the updates to konversation 1.3, digikam 1.3.0 and kipi-plugins 1.3.0.

New in the repositories is the verktyg package for kdevelop (See also this blog about verktyg). Based on the verktyg package, the kdevelop and kdevplatform packages have been updated to the latest git versions. New is also the kdevcpptools package which is a supporting package for verktyg. At the moment verktyg is not tested yet !!

Just a quick blog to update all of you of the changes to the openSUSE KDE4:Unstable repository. As you (hopefully) all know is that KDE SC 4.5 Beta 2 got tagged yesterday. At the moment we are testing the build of the Beta 2 packages to see if everything is in the right shape for the release hopefully later this week.

This also gave us a chance to clean the repository itself and the build targets in preparation of the upcoming 11.3 release. We are now building KDE4:Unstable for the openSUSE distributions 11.2, 11.3 (upcoming) and Factory. In anticipation of KDE SC 4.6 based on Qt 4.7 we have also a buildtarget Factory+Qt47. This Qt 4.7 based buildtarget is however not published and is only there to validate build errors that might be caused by Qt 4.7. This way we hope to be able to switch faster to Qt 4.7 when this becomes a requirement for KDE.

Hopefully later this week I can announce that you can update to Beta 2 from the KDE4:Unstable repository.